General Information

Accidents can occur at any time—they can happen at home, on the go, or on the job serving your country. This is why Compass Rose Benefits Group offers members Accident Protection, underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance Company, designed to provide financial peace-of-mind against the risk of injuries or accidental death.

Enrollment is easy and requires no underwriting - you are guaranteed coverage! Coverage is extended for business and leisure, even if injury or death is sustained through an Act of War and Terrorism, anywhere in the world. This product is ideal for those going overseas on assignment. Premiums for our Accident Protection Plan are paid on a monthly basis.

You can't plan for accidents, but you can be prepared when they do occur—make sure you and your family are covered.

If you are an Active Employee, you may select a Principal Sum from $150,000 to $500,000 in increments of $50,000 for your coverage, as well as choose to also insure your spouse and children by enrolling in the Family Plan, which provides coverage as follows:

Who is Covered? Amount of Coverage
Spouse and one or more eligible children

Spouse: 50% of the Insured's Principal Sum
Each Child: 15% of the Insured's Principal Sum*

One or more eligible children ONLY (no spouse)

Each Child: 20% of the Insured's Principal Sum*

Spouse ONLY Spouse: 60% of the Insured's Principal Sum


Monthly Plan Premiums

$200,000 $10.00 $14.00
$250,000 $12.50 $17.50
$300,000 $15.00 $21.00
$350,000 $17.50 $24.50
$400,000 $20.00 $28.00
$450,000 $22.50 $31.50
$500,000 $25.00 $35.00

Plan Details

Your Accident Protection Plan provides coverage for losses from:

  • Acts of War — Declared or Undeclared; Domestically or Abroad
  • Recreational Activities*
  • Air Travel*
  • Other acts of daily living*
  • Benefits for Coma, Loss of Use/Paralysis and Severe Burn
  • Additional benefit in the event of an automobile accident resulting in a loss when a seatbelt was used and airbag deployed
  • Reimbursement benefits for expenses incurred due to Bereavement/Trauma Counseling, Child Day Care, Education, Rehabilitation, and Wheelchair Confinement 
*See Policy Certificate for complete Exceptions and Limitations

If this occurs... The Plan pays...
Loss of: 
Both Hands / Feet
Sight in both Eyes
One Hand & One Foot
One Hand & Sight in One Eye
One Foot & Sight in One Eye
Speech and Hearing in Both Ears
100% of the Principal Sum

Loss of:
One Hand
One foot
Sight in One Eye
Speech or Hearing in Both Ears
50% of the Principal Sum

Loss of:
Thumb & Index Finger on the same hand 
Hearing in One Ear
25% of the Principal Sum