About the Plan

The Compass Rose Health Plan is a high option Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) fee-for-service plan. Since 1948, we have offered comprehensive benefits to an exclusive group of Federal employees.

Join the Compass Rose Health Plan and enjoy low co-pays, deductibles and a nationwide network powered by the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network. Plus, as a preferred provider organization (PPO), you have the freedom to choose your doctor and hospital without needing any referrals. The Compass Rose Health Plan is committed to offering you and your family affordable, high-quality health care coverage to help keep members and their families healthy.

2019 Health Plan Rates

Enrollment Type Enrollment Code Biweekly Rate Monthly Rate
Self Only 421 $91.18 $197.56
Self Plus One 423 $214.73 $465.24
Self and Family 422 $245.95 $532.90

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Network Coverage

The Compass Rose Health Plan offers nationwide coverage through UnitedHealthcare’s Choice Plus network as well as overseas coverage.

Plan Highlights

We pride ourselves on offering individual attention to each insured employee and their family. Our mission is to provide you with a health plan that best meets your personal needs. Here is an at-a-glance overview of the 2019 Compass Rose Health Plan.

Preventive Care In-Network You Pay
Well Child Care $0
Adult Annual Routine Exam $0
Immunizations $0
Preventive Screenings $0
Routine Maternity Care $0
Office Visits In-Network You Pay
Doctor Office Visits: Primary Care Physician $15 co-pay*
Telehealth Through Doctor On Demand $0
Doctor Office Visits: Specialist $25 co-pay*
Allergy Care Office Visit $15 co-pay primary care provider*
$25 co-pay specialist*
Out-Of-Pocket Costs In-Network You Pay
Annual Deductible $350 Self
$700 Self Plus One
$700 Self And Family
Out-Of-Pocket Maximum $4,000 Self
$5,000 Self Plus One
$5,000 Self And Family
Services In-Network You Pay
Lab Work Through Labcorp $0
X-Ray And Other Diagnostic Services 10% of the plan allowance**
Home Health Services 10% of the plan allowance**
(90 visits max)
Physical, Occupational And Speech Therapies1 10% of the plan allowance**
(90 combined visits max)
Emergency Care In-Network You Pay
Urgent Care $50 co-pay* waived if admitted
Emergency Room $100 co-pay*
Hospital Care In-Network You Pay
Inpatient Hospital Care1 $200 co-pay*
Surgical Services1 10% of the plan allowance* **
Alternative Care In-Network You Pay
Basic Chiropractic Care $20 co-pay*
(20 visits max)
Acupuncture For Anesthesia
and Pain Relief
10% of the plan allowance**
(24 visits max)
Prescriptions Drugs
In-Network Retail Pharmacy
(30-Day supply)
Tier 1 (Generics):
$5 co-pay*
Tier 2 (Formulary/Preferred Brand Name):
$35 co-pay*
Tier 3 (Non-Formulary/Non-Preferred Brand Name):
$50 co-pay of 30%, whichever is greater*
Home Delivery — Mail-order
(90-Day Supply)
Tier 1 (Generics): 
$10 co-pay*
Tier 2 (Formulary/Preferred Brand Name): 
$70 co-pay*
Tier 3 (Non-Formulary/Non-Preferred Brand Name): 
$100 co-pay of 30%, whichever is greater*

Specialty Pharmacy 
(30-Day Supply)
20% up to a maximum of $150*

Formulary/Preferred Brand Name:
20% up to a maximum of $200*

Non-Formulary/Non-Preferred Brand Name:
25% up to a maximum of $300*


* No deductible applied.
** If there is a difference between the Plan Allowance and the billed amount, the member is responsible for paying that difference.
1 Precertification required.

This is a summary of the benefits and features offered by the Compass Rose Health Plan. Please refer to the full 2019 FEHB Plan Brochure for complete benefit information. To receive a paper copy of our 2019 FEHB Plan Brochure mailed to you, please fill out our online request form.


This year’s FEHB Open Season is November 12, 2018 through December 10, 2018. During this time, all Federal employees and retirees currently enrolled in any FEHB plan have the opportunity to make changes in their coverage. Do not miss your chance to enroll!

If you are happy with your coverage, you DO NOT have to do anything. Your coverage will automatically continue into the following year!


  1. The Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Plan you would like to participate in
  2. The enrollment code for your family status (Self Only, Self Plus One or Self & Family)
  3. Your password for electronic enrollment systems (if required by your agency)

You can quickly compare health plans by using OPM’s Health Plan Comparison tool. When comparing plans, it is important to consider more than just the plan’s premium. You should also compare service areas, out-of-pocket costs — like copayments, deductibles and maximums — and the programs offered to members.

Please make note of the Compass Rose Health Plan enrollment code for the option of your choice:

Compass Rose Health Plan
High Options
Enrollment Code
Self Only 421
Self Plus One 423
Self And Family 422

Before you enroll, please check your eligibility.


If you are actively employed with the Federal government, you may be able to enroll or change plans online using your agency’s preferred method:

Otherwise, you must fill out and submit a Health Benefits Election Form (SF 2809) to your Human Resources office. Please do not submit the form anywhere else.

Any changes made during Open Season will be effective the first day of the first full pay period in 2019.


If you are a retired federal employee (annuitant) there are several ways you can make enrollment changes during Open Season:

  • Use OPM’s Open Season Online system
  • Call OPM’s Open Season Express line at (800) 332-9798
  • Send regular mail to:
    Office of Personnel Management
    Open Season Processing Center
    P.O. Box 5000
    Lawrence, KS 66046-0500

Please clearly state your Open Season request. If you are making an enrollment change, be sure to tell OPM you want to enroll in the Compass Rose Health Plan, the type of coverage you want (Self Only, Self Plus One, or Self and Family), and the corresponding enrollment code. Remember to include your annuity claim number and Social Security Number (SSN) with your request. For more information, please visit opm.gov.

Any changes made during Open Season will be effective January 1, 2019.